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Fleur's Progress Report

This is cross posted from livejournal under the same name. As livejournal is acting up, this is now becoming a back up.

♥ Completed things for TTM's Forum.
♥ Completed five things for 5_prompts
♥ Completed three things for "It's a Character study" challenge on somebody's journal
♥ Completed a thing for a horror challenge on somebody's journal
♥ Completed a thing for "But we're in war!" challenge also housed on somebody's journal. (lol, this person should create a community for their challenges)
♥ Completed a thing for "Dark things" challenge housed on somebody's journal.
♥ Completed a few things for last year's GGE forum.

Accomplishments for fests

♥ Fleur's going to hand in her entry for last years hp_darkarts thing. and quite possibly will sign up for a prompt for this year
♥ Fleur has also completed something for "Everything to do with Musketeers" fest, and will be handing that in on somebody's journal.
♥ Fleur has also semi completed a story for another fest whose due date was a long, long time ago.

Things for Big Bangs

♥ This author's massive work for history big bang is on hold because things aren't working. The work is fifteen thousand, nearly complete and may be published sometime next year due to over perfectionism issues.
♥ d'Artagnan big bang- housed on DW under a journal. Have finished my plotting, my characterisation and other things. Will start writing this weekend onwards.

Things for Series

♥ La Rochelle Series- The Loyalty of Comrades and Friends is officially done. Kudos to Madame E, Tartar, Mame and Kalaz (Iram) for the help and listening to me complain all the time. Will send to beta for an official critique of writing and fix up. Will most likely publish by April or mid April.
- Esprit de Corps (massive five parter) will be published *again* to AO3 after that date.
- Second official story for the La Rochelle series will be published a day or two after Comrades and Friends.

♥ The Milady de Winter Series- First work will be published after beta is through with it.
♥ The Aftermath series- A seven part series. All works officially complete.
♥ Into the Darkness series- Three novels about Morgana's descent into darkness (the way the BBC show should have done it) :P

Novellas (Sorted by fandom)

d'Artagnan romances

♥ Jezebel- Inspired by Irène Némirovsky's work under the same title, only Dumas style.
♥ Madame d'Artagnan- She watches as her son grows up into the man he becomes, and while proud and glad that he is finally spreading his wings, is sad to see her only son go.
♥ Constance- The definition of her name is made obvious the moment she utters it. However, she learns that just because she is named one thing, that it doesn't dictate what she truly is.
♥ Last Post- His day started like any other... it just didn't end the way he planned. As a matter of fact, it ended in tragedy.
♥ The Case of the Missing Duke and his Wife- It was a mystery that baffled him. After all, two people just don't vanish into thin air. As he searches for answers, a dark secret emerges- one that shakes the royal court to its knees.


♥ The Key to Nowhere- At first it was an old key. Found in the pocket of a dead traveller that they found while on patrol. Arthur was about to throw it away, after all it was useless to them. However, Merlin feels the magic that moves within this key, and pockets it quickly so that nobody knows. It was only after Merlin accidentally releases whatever is inside, that the true reason for this key is uncovered.

Harry Potter

♥ Portraits through life- a take on Bellatrix's life from start to finish.