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This is an update to those that are interested in finding out where I have gone over the years. I no longer write under the name of afleur_de_lis. Despite the fact that I do still use the name Fleur-de-Lys (or Fleur) for some chat threads, I don't post anything under the accounts that I have gone by.

If you are interested in seeking me out. Please click on the following:

Other than these two sites, I can be found on wattpad (under afleur_de_lis (due to be changed)), A03 under Aouregan, FFN under lilgenious (also due to being changed)

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This is cross posted from livejournal under the same name. As livejournal is acting up, this is now becoming a back up.

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To Do List

Apr. 26th, 2014 04:42 pm
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Competitions (things with deadlines)

♥ Fandom parody competition that is housed on somebody's journal. Status: 2/4's of the way done.
♥ The AU Competition that is for Madame et Tartar.
♥ It is all about the villains Competition
♥ Before the Musketeers Competition
♥ The Great Novel Competition

Challenges (things without due dates)

♥ Catch up on GGE 2013. Stories: 1/12 published. Completed: 8/12 ---> four more to go.
♥ Mystery writing challenge (every two weeks the character of d'Artagnan gets represented in vignettes and novellas)
♥ The crossover challenge ---> d'Artagnan romances/Harry Potter et d'Artagnan romances/Murdoch Mysteries
♥ A Wine Lover's Challenge ----> Burgundy for week one. Gascon wine for week two. Champagne for week three... and shall Fleur decide to take on a challenge for week four: Alsace for last week of challenge.
♥ Second entry for Horror challenge

Fests (things with due dates)
♥ The Bloody Sieges
♥ Women of the Musketeers
♥ Horror fest

Big Bangs

♥ Entry for d'Artagnan big bang
♥ Entry for history big bang


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